Using industry leading technology, we work as a flexible team to fit within your project requirements.

We have developed our best practices to ensure Architects and Engineers get the data they need, in the best format possible, improving workflow and saving everybody some time.

Residential SurveyING

Topographic Surveys

A Topographical Survey involves locating certain features on the ground before referencing them to a coordinate system – to then build a digital 3D model. This model provides engineering designers and architects with the information they need to complete their designs.

We work closely with the designer right from the beginning to ensure that the right information is being delivered quickly, through seamless communication. We always install a site datum point, so when construction begins the contractor can easily refer the design back to our original survey information.

Boundary Surveying

By working with our licensed surveyors, you gain confidence and accurate data to establish your boundaries correctly, meeting all legal requirements.

Knowing the location of your boundaries is crucial for property ownership. Unclear boundaries can lead to disputes between neighboring landowners and complicate future developments. As the original wooden pegs indicating your boundary corners have a limited lifespan, it’s often necessary to have them re-marked. A boundary survey, also known as a cadastral survey, is the optimal method to formally define property boundaries.

Easement Surveys

We are routinely required to create easements or covenants around existing or new assets, creating a survey plan and working with lawyers to have the land titles updated.

Easements give you a right to use another’s land for a specified activity ie access. Having the easement created and your land title updated protects these rights even if either property is sold.

Construction Surveying

Our teams broad industry experience gives us the skills to undertake any construction surveying your project requires. We have experience working on international projects as large as tunnels and football stadiums and we can apply experience to help your project achieve success.

We are routinely involved in Civil Setout, Monitoring, Piling, Infrastructure setout.

We are routinely involved in:

  • Civil setout
  • Piling
  • Deformation monitoring
  • Setout of steel & concrete
  • structures
  • Machine control data management and support
  • As constructed surveys


When it comes to quality and value for money, we will not be beaten.

KW Consultants continually invest in new surveying technology to ensure maximum efficiency and speed for our clients. This technology also helps us improve safety practices for both our team and the public.

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