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We use our team’s knowledge to bring spaces and places to life, taking the hassle out of clients’ hands.

We believe in turning up and doing the job right the first time, and having a bit of fun on the way.

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What sets us apart is our dedication to deliver to our clients, no matter the challenges.

We understand the importance of their investment, fluidity of each project and we aim to create enduring relationships founded on mutual confidence.

Always ahead of the curve

At KWC we’re always at the forefront of the industry, utilising the latest technologies to provide accurate and efficient surveying services. With a commitment to innovation, we leverage cutting-edge tools and techniques to deliver high-quality results to our clients.

Execution and teamwork

We take pride in what we do and how we conduct ourselves. We gain satisfaction from helping everyday Kiwis and developers in achieving their goals.

We want our partners to have a great experience, enjoy the process, and be successful.


Looking to take the next step in your career? Become part of a growing team where we’re all about individual growth and being ambitious about providing industry leading services.


Drawing from a wealth of expertise, the KWC team are committed to providing clients cost-effective, practical and innovative solutions. Looking after surveying and subdivision needs is why we’re here.

Sam Williams


Bryce Kilpatrick


Ben Maynard

Director – Christchurch

James Winter

Business Development Manager

Brandon Taylor

Senior Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

Steve Mills

Survey Manager

Mick Lister

Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

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Sam Williams

My journey in surveying started right out of school. From Christchurch to Dunedin, my early career has been filled with significant construction projects, including tunnels, bridges, and football stadiums. These experiences have honed my diverse skillset, extending far beyond NZ’s boundaries.

My true passion lies in Land Development, and that’s why I’m thrilled to lead the KWC team. Here, we believe in making a meaningful impact, empowering people to thrive and improve their lives through our work. I find mentoring our exceptional team extremely rewarding. Together, we’re redefining Land Development, challenging industry norms, and striving for continuous improvement with innovative software and cutting-edge implementation of techniques and equipment.

When I’m not immersed in projects, you’ll find me enjoying my hobbies – kayak fishing, pumping vinyl records, and staying active. If you’re seeking a team that’s driven to deliver excellent results, continue learning and upskilling and aims to create positive change through Land Development, KWC is the place to be.

Bryce Kilpatrick

Bryce, a prominent figure in the Auckland construction surveying industry, is the driving force behind Active Survey. Although not directly involved in KWC’s day-to-day operations, his invaluable expertise has been critical to our early success.

Active Survey boasts an impressive track record, working on some of the North Island’s most significant infrastructure projects. Sharing an office space with Active Survey allows us to collaborate seamlessly, exchanging knowledge and experience. This close relationship also grants us access to a vast pool of resources, far beyond what would otherwise be possible. Together, we have access to cutting-edge equipment, including laser scanners, drones, and rail surveying tools, making our combined capabilities truly impressive.

Ben Maynard

A surveying graduate from the University of Otago, Ben has combined role of leading our Christchurch Office and being a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor. He has a wealth of experience in the construction sector, being involved in a number of high value construction projects in the Canterbury region, as well as surveying some of the most complex boundary definitions as part of the Otakaro Avon River Corridor Regneration Project.

The part of the job at KWC that Ben enjoys the most is being able to provide practical solutions to clients to assist their varied needs.

Outside of work, Ben enjoys spending time at the beach, playing with his two young kids, and playing golf.

James Winter

Since graduating from the University of Otago in 2009 James has worked in the land development space managing projects which range in size from 2 lot subdivisions through to multi stage residential developments. James’ responsibilities have included project engineer on the civils side, consenting planner and licensed cadastral surveyor which gives him a unique understanding of the full project cycle. 

James enjoys understanding the whole process and using this understanding to deliver project efficiencies, resulting in better project outcomes for his clients. 

Outside of surveying James can be found sailing out on the Hauraki Gulf, chasing the wind. When not out sailing James likes to get off the beaten track and explore Aotearoa’s great walks and exotic overseas destinations.

Brandon Taylor

Brandon is a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor, having graduated from the University of Otago in 2017. Brandon has worked as a surveyor across a variety of land development projects in the wider Auckland region. This has included small infill developments, medium density developments as well as large scale greenfield subdivisions. He has worked on these developments from project inception to title delivery, giving him a broad range of experience over the entire length of the process.

Born and bred in Auckland, Brandon is passionate about working in and seeing the city he grew up in develop. At KWC, Brandon uses his experience to provide clients with quality deliverables in a timely and cost-efficient way. Outside of work, Brandon enjoys getting out on the water in the summer, and up the mountain in the winter, always finding any excuse to rack up a few hours on the boat or a few turns on the ski slopes.

Brandon also strives to continue his professional development, being a part of the Survey and Spatial Emerging Leaders programme and is also a Survey and Spatial Certified Professional Land Development Engineer.

Steve Mills

Steve has some 30 years of surveying experience working in the consultancy environment in Auckland and construction industry in London. His experience includes all aspects of land development projects ranging from cross-leases and 2 lot subdivisions to multi-lot staged greenfield subdivisions and integrated developments. Steve is able to provide valuable advice prior to commencement of projects and can manage all subdivision aspects of the project from start to finish. 

 As a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor and Registered Professional Surveyor, Steve has the experience to deliver projects to a high standard ensuring potential issues are identified and solutions found to achieve projects successful for all stakeholders.

 Working with KWC as Survey Manager, Steve is keen to continue to grow and develop the team. KWC recognises the importance of investing in the team and encouraging them to be involved in all aspects of the project. As a professional surveyor, Steve’s knowledge, guidance and support will assist those seeking licensing and furthering their career. 

 While not working, Steve spends his time working on DIY house projects and getting outdoors cycling and kayak fishing.

Mick Lister

Originally from Otago, Mick wrapped up his studies in 2017 and started moving north to chase the warmth; initially moving to Mount Maunganui where he worked primarily on boutique planning and cadastral solutions for small scale projects. He joined KWC in 2020 and has continued his journey in the cadastral space, while also gaining further experience in the land development and construction process.

Mick enjoys assisting clients to achieve their goals, keeping projects on track and on time. The satisfaction of a job done right is what keeps him motivated.

If he’s not at the office, you will find Mick exploring Auckland’s green spaces, reading a good book, or at a pub quiz with friends.

Mick also enjoys volunteering his time for the industry; he is currently Secretary of the Auckland Branch of Survey + Spatial NZ and is part of the executive committee for the Positioning and Measurement Stream.