KWC specialises in collaboration, focusing on forming strategic partnerships with experts in related fields. We successfully created over 350 new land parcels in 2023, delivering great results.

With cutting-edge technology and a commitment to specialisation, we provide tailored surveying and subdivision solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients, with affordable subdivision costs in NZ.


Our approach to subdivision in Auckland and Christchurch is simple. Focusing on surveying, we can put our energy into one area and be the best at it, instead of trying to be a one-stop shop for your development.

We’re always improving techniques, utilising advanced equipment and software for maximum efficiency. With KWC you gain access to the best subdivision experts in the field, who bring extensive expertise and experience to every project. You’ll also gain access to affordable subdivision costs in NZ.

Our senior team directly oversees your project, ensuring accountability and meeting deadlines. Our directors are young and passionate about surveying, land development, and KWC, with an emphasis on continual improvement, efficiency and great results.

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Our subdivision process comprises two key stages: consenting and construction. At KWC, we take pride in being specialist surveyors who seamlessly collaborate with our trusted team of consultants throughout both phases.

By consistently working with the same specialists across various projects, we create a cohesive group of experts dedicated to driving your development to successful completion. This close-knit network enables us to provide timely recommendations whenever they are needed, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

As an employee at KWC, you have the unique opportunity to closely collaborate with some of the most driven and successful development professionals in the country. This environment not only provides you with a platform to expand your network but also allows you to learn valuable tips and tricks along the way.

Our specialisation approach has proven successful for both employees and clients, solidifying our reputation as surveying specialists committed to delivering exceptional results. Our surveyors find great satisfaction in witnessing the project’s progress, establishing strong relationships with the project team, and making valuable contributions to its overall success.

We liaise closely with the engineer and architect to create a 3D model of the project site. Topographic surveys can be complex, and an understanding of the planning requirements, engineering, and design considerations is critical to their success. We teach our surveyors all these skills, so they not only have an understanding of how to complete the survey but also the importance of this survey in the success of the development.

We use our 12d software to innovate and automate some key workflows to reduce risk and increase efficiency and accuracy.

These surveys form the basis for all design work, often overlooked but very important

A scheme plan is prepared to support the subdivision consent. A good scheme plan is a lot more involved than drawing boundaries on a plan and is very important for understanding the subdivision. A high-quality scheme plan reduces any issues when completing the Land Transfer Survey (s223 Survey).

We train our surveyors to understand council, legislative, and building code requirements, helping them propose the best boundary layout for the development.

The first step in the construction stage of the development is determining the existing site boundaries and levels. Establishing an accurate level datum on site at this stage is critical for earthworks and ensuring the site preparation is correct.

We complete the necessary project calculations at this stage to ensure that the future project steps can be completed efficiently and project timelines can be met. Completing these calculations early gives our surveyors enough time to finalize them and allows for a senior staff member to review them—just another way we ensure accurate and successful results

Working closely with the drainage crew, we complete the necessary setout for public drainage works. Close communication at this stage helps us understand the drainlayers’ timeframes, allowing us to plan our as-builts accordingly. We strive to complete the as-builts while the trenches are open, ensuring accurate results and enabling prompt correction of any errors, if they exist

We have developed an industry-leading process to survey the position of constructed drainage manholes and pipes, utilising our software to automate calculations, reductions, and drafting after field pickup. This is another example of the benefits of working with a specialist surveyor.

We prepare the as-builts and submit them to the engineer for review and lodgement with the council.

Our surveyors use late-model, top-of-the-line Trimble surveying equipment to accurately set out buildings for the foundation constructions. Our robust QA procedure ensures the correctness of setout, and our dynamic team always ensures that we are on-site when you need us.

Our team of licensed surveyors provide certification and a plan of the setout.   

While construction is underway, our surveyors will diligently complete the land transfer survey, which legally pegs the new boundaries. The survey plan is submitted to the Council for s223 approval and lodged and deposited with Land Information NZ (LINZ).

This survey can be complex, particularly in high-density infill developments that often involve height-limited parcels and intricate definitions. Our surveyors, working closely under licensed cadastral surveyors, adeptly combine various measurement techniques and software to handle these challenges, making infill developments an excellent environment to refine their skillset.

Given the large number of residential developments we undertake each year, our surveyors are well-versed in the intricacies of these projects. Their vast experience and dedication contribute significantly to the success of each development.

A common condition included in the resource consent is to have a surveyor conduct a check at the roof framing stage. This is to ensure that the building is within the vertical limits specified in the resource consent. We diligently monitor the progress of the development and proactively conduct these checks, providing certification to the council.

One of the most crucial stages of subdividing land in Christchurch or Auckland is often the s224c stage. At this point, information related to the consent conditions must be compiled and submitted to the council. New land titles cannot be created until s224c is issued by the council. Consequently, selling the individual properties before this stage is not possible. As developers typically have substantial funding tied up in the project, ensuring the timely receipt of s224c is critical for selling the properties and repaying financiers.

At KWC, we closely monitor the development’s progress and provide a comprehensive list of documents required for s224c, assisting the developer in compiling these essential materials. We then work closely with the council until s224c is received and the subdivision consent is successfully closed

Be confident with KWC

When you choose to work with KWC, you can be confident that you are partnering with a team of experts dedicated to providing industry leading surveying tailored to your specific needs. Our approach to surveying and subdivisions is increasingly appreciated across the industry, as evidenced by the numerous returning clients.

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