Supportive Culture – GPS Training

At KWC we are heavy users of GPS, but we’re also aware of the importance in understanding the intricacies and limitations of this technology. Recently, during one of our regular training sessions, we gathered our team to reinforce the when, how, and why of GPS usage to achieve great results.

We place a big emphasis on understanding the equipment we are using. A GPS is not a tool that you can simply setup and expect great results. During this training, we delved deep into confidence intervals to help our team understand the precisions they see on their controllers and they all now understand what 1 – sigma is!

Great to have James, one of our senior team members share his expertise, helping develop the teams skills and progress in their careers. Not only are we more confident surveyors, this comprehensive training is vital for the success of these projects and taking the hassle out of our clients hands 🤝

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