Webber Street, Westmere

Webber Street, Westmere – residential cross-lease conversion.

The Scope

These cross-leased properties at this site in the Central Auckland suburb of Westmere were owned by separate parties. They asked us to complete the surveying and administration process required to convert the properties to fee-simple titles.

The Background

Conversion to fee-simple titles was the perfect way for these clients to make the most of their properties. That is because future development of each separate lot would be possible without needing to consult with their neighbouring cross-lease counterpart.

This is a worthwhile exercise for most cross-leased property owners because the conversion of any cross-lease property title to a fee simple title can unlock huge market potential in terms of the value of a property.

The Challenge

Both properties had been developed already, in part without regard to the Auckland Unitary Plan Standards. This created a challenge as any existing infringements to those Standards needed to be identified and addressed.

The experience and expertise that the KWC team have in this area meant we were up to the task. We found that, through open and precise communication with the clients and the Council, a suitable outcome for all parties was achieved.

Ensuring that no further construction or servicing was required was also an important aspect of this project because this would increase the time and cost required to complete this conversion.

The Outcome

Trusting KW Consultants’ expertise meant the clients were able to achieve their property goals. There were no redevelopment or improvement to services required which saved them both time and money.

Both property owners were completely satisfied with the work of KW Consultants and now have separate fee-simple titles which will be more appealing to prospective buyers than cross-lease titles would have been.

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