Tawiriki Street, Ponsonby

Tawiriki Street, Ponsonby – suburban subdivision.

The Scope

KW Consultants were asked to manage this project in which two properties, currently under one title, were to be provided with separate titles.

The Background

Our client had lived on the site his whole life, having built his home on the rear of his mother’s property. These two existing houses were, however, on the same land title. Our client wished to separate them so the properties could be sold individually increasing the sale price.

The Challenge

We wanted this project to be completed without any construction. That meant we had to prove the current servicing arrangement and planning compliances – something that is more complicated than it sounds.
A lot of back-and-forth communication with council followed in order to achieve a desirable outcome for our client. There were some issues we needed to hold fast on – something we were able to do because of the experience we have in dealing with projects like this one.

The Outcome

The project was a success without any construction works.
Our client was totally satisfied because of the financial gain achieved through the houses now being on separate titles.

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