Matipo – Multi-Unit Development

KWC takes pride in being the chosen provider of construction surveying support for the ambitious 59-unit development in Te-Atatu Peninsula. Working alongside Reco Construction, known for their time-conscious approach and effective project delivery, our dedicated and dynamic team ensures smooth progress, adhering to tight deadlines without compromise. With a track record of successful collaboration, we are committed to the project’s success and look forward to sharing updates on this development. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue to make this project a success.

At KWC, we understand the significance of this large-scale project and are fully equipped to meet its challenges head-on. Our goal is to maintain an efficient construction program, providing accurate and reliable surveying services, ensuring timelines are never compromised. With our commitment to excellence and synergy with Reco Construction, we are excited to contribute to the transformative landscape of Te-Atatu Peninsula, creating a vibrant community of modern living. Together, we embrace the future of this development with enthusiasm and determination, driving it towards a successful and fulfilling completion.

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