Kent Road, South Auckland

Kent Road, South Auckland – surveying and engineering design for a suburban development consisting of five townhouses.

The Scope

Our original brief was to complete the surveying required for the feasibility stage and engineering design of the client’s suburban development project. Being the first project of this kind for the developer meant this was a project we were required to go the extra mile on as we ensured the project manager understood every aspect of our work and recommendations.

The Background

As stated, this was the first suburban development for the project manager/developer. Because of this, they relied heavily on our knowledge and experience of the subdivision process. We made sure to take extra time to explain all processes and requirements along every step of the project.
While the initial project scope was surveying for the feasibility stage and engineering design, recognising our expertise, and because of our ongoing great communication, the clients kept us involved throughout the entire project. It included completing all surveying, Asbuilting, and application for land transfer survey and 224 certificate

The Challenge

This being the developer’s first suburban development project was not the only challenge. Despite a thorough investigation being completed prior to the project’s commencement, a drainage clash with existing services was uncovered once construction had begun.
As any surveyor or developer will know, the unexpected will often occur on projects of this time. What really counts is how those unexpected challenges are responded to.
In this case, we promptly investigated and redesigned the drainage. Council approval was then applied for and approved with minimal delays to the project timeline

The Outcome

The goal of projects like these is that the developer will incur no unexpected costs, meet an achievable timeline, and be confident new titles will be quickly issued before the building works are completed.
In the case of this Kent Road project, all these goals were met, which the client saw as being due, in no small part, to the dedication, experience and expertise of KW Consultants.
The relationship KW Consultants established with the developer is ongoing with them being so satisfied with the initial project that we continue to work together.

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