Great South Road, Penrose

Great South Road, Penrose – industrial construction and boundary redefinition.

The Scope

KW Consultants was engaged to redefine an existing industrial site and complete the set-out required for construction – that is, the transferring of the building design onto the land itself so the builders can follow it during the project’s construction phase.

The Background

Form Building & Developments Ltd had won the contract to construct this new Steelfort warehouse and showroom. The existing warehouse and industrial buildings on site had been demolished and the site was in the process of being prepared for future construction which would see it containing a significantly larger brand-new state-of-the-art facility with a modern showroom, distribution centre and retail outlet.

The Challenge

The sheer size of a project like this means special care and expertise are required. The main challenge for KW Consultants was achieving accurate set-out results over the entire six-month construction period. This meant it was crucial to be constantly thinking ahead in terms of the set-out requirements. As new challenges arose each day on site, it was up to the KW team to quickly calculate efficient and precise solutions to achieve accurate and achievable results.

The Outcome

Because the timeframe for this project was tight, KW Consultants focused on it as a high priority. This allowed the Form Construction team to gain some momentum with their construction and keep it moving ahead steadily right through to completion.

The brand-new warehouse and showroom are now open for business in the bustling industrial area of Penrose, Auckland. The owners are thrilled with it – it is the showroom, distribution centre, and the Auckland retail store for Miele Appliances and their associated brands.

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