All this Social Distancing has us thinking about Subdividing Property…

Getting back to business-as-usual (beyond COVID-19) may still feel like a far off dream for many of us. Fortunately, for KW Consultants, there’s still plenty of work to be done for our clients who are wanting to gain a leg-up in their property division process.

Why are property owners looking into this now?

The lengthiest part of this process is getting the resource consent granted by your local council. Kicking this off now will result in savings for you down the road – especially while interest rates remain low (if you’re looking to leverage borrowing).

Gaining a resource consent can take up to 3 months (depending on the complexity of the application), but once you have it, you have 5 years to lodge the survey plan – as stated under section 223 of the Resource Management Act. Having this consent can increase your property value now, along with your lending potential to complete the remainder of your development later.

This is a relatively cheap portion of any development project, costing approximately $6,000. This includes initial surveying and scheme plans. Equally, the current market uncertainty means there will be less of these projects on the go as our economy recovers – resulting in lower labour costs, but also greater competition in the marketplace.

Get the preliminary work done on your resource consent process now so you can hit the ground running later.

While we’re still in lockdown-mode, KW Consultants can prepare much of the preliminary work required for your consent application without visiting the site. Our specialised team has a deep understanding of this process and will guide you through each step of the way.

KW Consultants are paving the way for better land development solutions while delivering better outcomes for our clients. Talk with our team today about your site’s potential!

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